Power2Gas Conference

23-24 October 2019, Marseille, France
Documentation package still available

Site visit to Jupiter 1000 project facility

On 22nd October a limited number of our participants will have a chance to visit the Jupiter 1000 project facility

The Jupiter 1000 project is the first industrial demonstrator of Power-to-Gas with a power rating of 1 MWe for electrolysis and a methanation process with carbon capture. Managed by GRTgaz (the first French operator in natural gas transmission), the project aims to convert renewable electricity surplus into green hydrogen and synthetic methane for storage into the gas network. It gathers nine stakeholders: network operators, manufacturers and scientists in order to build an innovative installation and evaluate Power-to-Gas technology and business plan. Jupiter 1000’s perspective is to test and launch the Power-to-Gas industry in France.

Green hydrogen will be obtained from %100 renewable power (produced by CNR), using two electrolysers involving different technologies: alkaline and PEM, by McPhy. The project also includes a CO2 capture, designed by Leroux & Lotz and a methanation process, manufactured by Atmostat. The installation will be based on an innovative methanation technology developed by CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) which Jupiter 1000 is going to experience in real conditions. As well as the hydrogen, the synthetic methane will be injected into the gas network owned by GRTgaz. With its partner TIGF, GRTgaz will study the injection’s impacts of hydrogen on pre-existing infrastructures.

In the light of technical performance levels shown by the demonstrator, CEA, RTE and its partners will study economic outcomes in order to define future standards of a full-sized installation. Over the longer term, the idea is to launch the Power-to-Gas activity in France, with more than 15 TWh of gas could be produced each year using the Power-to-Gas technology, starting from 2050.

Jupiter 1000 installation is under construction in the South of France, on Innovex platform from our partner GPMM. The commissioning is planned at the end of the year.

With the increase of intermittent production by wind turbines or photovoltaic panels, power networks need more and more flexibility and solutions for electric surplus’s storage. In this situation, Jupiter 1000’s ambition is to experience and improve Power-to-Gas technologies, business models and system services it can bring.

For more information, please visit : www.jupiter1000.eu